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Our principal goal is the complete satisfaction of our clients and this is why we work with great dedication in each and every project to make it unique, well-known and highly successful. Our team of professionals is specialised in different areas to achieve all the stated objectives:

Hotel management

We are specialised in hotel management, under different brands, and always looking for maximum profitability. The most frequent tasks includes: management control and financial monitoring, commercial management, hotel repositioning, operational management and HR management.

Project launch and openings

In the initial phases, we support the owner to create and develop a hotel project adapted to the reality of the market and allow the owner to obtain the highest return on their investment. Conceptualisation: design, operations, corporate image y operation.


We create, design and execute marketing plans, strategies, campaigns and actions specially developed for your company in the hotel and restaurant sector. Our most common activities are: communication and marketing, digital media, content creation, community management and project or brand promotion. Let us advise you and listen to your ideas to help grow your business!

Revenue management

We carry out a detailed analysis of the establishment and its competitors in order to optimise its distribution channels and commercial strategies. Our pricing strategies not only optimise the profitability of production, but also help to improve the positioning of the establishment in order to achieve the objectives set by the company.

Administrative management

The key to the success of a business depends largely on efficient management of all resources. We are in charge of defining a plan that allows us to measure our strategies based on goals, control of results and monitoring of the fulfillment of projections supported by an efficient structure of daily activity such as the management of suppliers, purchases, payments, cash statements, feasibility plans and financial projects.

Design and construction

Our partners LF91 Project Management and EPIC Constructions
We present you with the opportunity to start your project from scratch, creating it from the very beginning in both an operational and aesthetic way. LF91 and EPIC are specialised in creating projects from start to finish and are dedicated to helping clients realise their vision of a project in Mallorca. Both partners have a great deal of local knowledge, extensive experience in property development, experience in executing all kinds of projects, putting together a design plan and a team passionate about the projects they manage.